Brian Lloyd
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Python for .NET 1.0 beta 5 released

Python for .NET 1.0 beta 5 is now available - you can download
it from:

Python for .NET is a near-seamless integration of Python with the
.NET common language runtime. For more details, see the

The beta 5 release features a refactoring of thread management
support, making the runtime stable for multi-threaded applications,
as well as several improvements and bug-fixes.

Special thanks to all who sent in thread-related scenarios and test
cases! I have tried to incorporate as many of these as possible into
the unit tests - if you still have problems that you suspect may be
related to threading or interpreter lock issues, please let me know

There is also now a mailing list for discussion, questions and
issues related to Python for .NET at:
To subscribe to the mailing list or read the online archives, see:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Paris sprint
Many thanks to the guys at Nuxeo for their hospitality last week at the Paris / Five sprint. I think we made some important progress there in that we integrated the Five project into Zope 2.8 and integrated a subset of Zope 3 into the Zope core.

This should provide the beginnings of a migration path for current Zope 2 developers and hopefully actually accelerate the adoption and use of Zope 3 (since Z2 developers will now be able to take advantage of Z3 technologies in Z2 applications).

It was a pleasure to meet and work with so many of the superstars of the Zope community in the same room - I hope to be able to do it again in the future!

Planning for Python for .NET beta 5
I'm trying to re-commit myself to communicating better about Python for .NET ;) To that end, here is the list of high priorities for beta 5:
  • Thread sanity. It seems that the PyGILState_* APIs in Python 2.3 were buggy and could lead to deadlocks. Completely coincidentally, there have been reports of deadlocks in Python for .NET as well ;)
  • Better public API for managed-language programmers. A lot of questions on the mailing list have been from C# and VB programmers trying to use my woefully underdocumented APIs. I hope to improve that for beta 5.
  • Did I mention thread sanity? :)


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